Site Location

Construction information

A typical construction period for a solar farm of this scale is around 18-20 weeks. It is proposed that construction working hours would be as follows:

  • 08:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday
  • 08:00 - 13:00 Saturday
Changes to proposed access

Our proposed access has been relocated north on Homington road, reducing the length of vehicles travelling along Homington Road by approximately 51% (592m).

Reducing the size of the scheme has significant reduced in the number of vehicles anticipated over the 18-20 week construction period.

Access information

The proposed construction and maintenance route will access the site using the A354, turning south onto Homington Road and west into the site using an existing farm access.

We have engaged a Highways Consultant to advise us of the best route. A Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) will be agreed with the Local Highways Authority ahead of any construction.

How will the site be accessed after construction?

Gates would be installed at the site access point for maintenance access. It is expected that under normal circumstances around 3-4 cars/vans would visit the site each week (generally averaging less than 1 a day).

Point of Connection

The electricity generated by the solar panels is proposed to connect into the local distribution network operator into Homington Substation via underground cables. From there the power will likely be distributed locally – into Homington Village, west to Britford, and north to Salisbury before joining the main lines into the wider UK transmission lines.

The renewable energy produced from our solar farm connects into a high voltage (HV) cable. As the electricity travels through the local network,
it feeds into the low voltage (LV) cables, which power households and commercial sites (e.g. switching on lights / boiling a kettle).